New website look

To commemorate the new update of our platform, we have created a new look.

Our website needed a fresh new look to go with our most recent upgrade.

Our previous website was looking somewhat dated and we needed a more modern approach.

The new look fits into our desire to maintain a focus on modern, clean and informative designs without the unnecessary junk.


We hope you enjoy the new look!


Our newest platform

We are very excited to release our latest update

We have created an entirely new experience. We have updated the dashboard and added a ton of new features to help you along your way!

Our update features a new dashboard to help focus all your activities, tasks and squads into one area.

Check our release notes for a detailed breakdown of the update

We would like to thank you for your patience, this update took longer than we anticipated but we think it was worth the wait!

Will be down over the weekend to update everything


Version 0.40

We have spent the last year completely updating our platform to make it more current and useful.

Here are some of our major updates

  1. New personal dashboard
    1. Get your tasks, payments, and activities in one place
    2. View quick information bubble regarding messages, injuries or recruitment requests
  2. Personal area
    1. Control center to manage your personal space
    2. Personal message inbox
  3. Expanding on squad features
    1. Manage comments and reviews
    2. Create recruitment requests and manage applicants
      1. See who is applying to your request
    3. Create squad announcements and publish them to your fans
    4. More information regarding members
      1. Player contact details
      2. Attendance details
    5. Send messages to members easier
    6. Improved spaces support
      1. Previously, spaces were referred to as features or assets. We have changed this to spaces
      2. Create spaces for your squad and others to allocate their activities
      3. Create hours of operation for your spaces
      4. Update the status of the space to inform others
  4. Enhanced league support
    1. Brought league support and management closer to squads
  5. Expanded exploring
    1. Explore more content within squadSet

Minor fixes

  1. Better mobile optimization
  2. Minor bug fixes
  3. Performance enhancements
  4. Created the ability for personal tasks
  5. Added more player preferences
    1. Expanded or minimized dashboard views
    2. Adjust the number of days before an activity to send a notification
    3. Text and button sizing
    4. Toggle landing page after initial login
  6. Sticky header
    1. The header containing interactive buttons will stay at the top of the page when scrolling
  7. Add players from other squads you are a member in by simply clicking a button
  8. Improved squad management capabilities
  9. Added more areas to squad each with their own unique capabilities
    2. Reviews
    3. Awards
    4. Spaces
    5. Recruitment