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Welcome to squadSet

squadSet is a group management application that was developed by a bunch of jocks with backgrounds.

squadSet was developed with the understanding that group management is not accomplished by singular groups or individuals. Instead, it takes a collection of individuals among different roles to effectively communicate with one another to organize and create objectives.


Group Managers (Team managers)

Team managers are largely concerned with the upkeep of their teams and managing their teammates.

Teams tend to be affiliated with larger Clubs and interact with the Clubs for a variety of items such as scheduling and guidelines. However, Clubs are not necessary and a team can manage itself without any influence.

Club Administrators

Club administrators are largely concerned with the groupings of teams to create Leagues. Within these Leagues, Club administrators may assign objectives such as games that require a physical location at a designated time.

Facility Administrators

Facility administrators are largely concerned with the scheduling and maintenance of their facility. Facilities have small features such as a gym that may be scheduled out to groups, teams, clubs or the public. Additionally, features may need time for maintenance or may be closed to conditions as such will not be available for scheduling.


Players are the users who receive all the benefits of all the hard work from the three other roles.

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Doctors, physiotherapists and many other roles help promote good team and group management. Having everyone on one network makes everything more efficient and easier for everyone!

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