Our Mission


We are committed to efficiency

The Beginning


squadSet originally began as a replacement to many of the more popular group management systems.

The idea was to take the additional costs out of the more premium and necessary features, of the larger platforms, and bring it to everyone for free.  

The idea was simple and started to pave the way. We analyzed the necessary features built into successful group management and began to add them into our platform. The result was our alpha platform.

Our First Beta

Going with the manta, “If you were not embarrassed with your first release, than you released it to late,” the platform was riddled with bugs and holes in our logic. It became crystal clear that we needed to expand the scope of the platform and really refine some of the features.

The alpha taught us a valuable, albeit simple, lesson; think things through. 

Once we started to think a little more and a little differently, it became completely apparent that the platform needed to change.

Mid Way


Change was in the air

With the realization that more throughout thought needed to be done, we began to look deeply into group management and what we saw in our day to day lives.

We came up with some very basic concepts:

  1. Every group has a mission
  2. Every group has costs associated with completing their mission
  3. Individuals within the group each have their own duties and roles
  4. Often these duties overlapped with another group.
  5. These overlapping duties are duplicated for each group

The goal posts had just changed!

There are a huge amount of redundancies across group management because external individuals are excluded and often have little impact. The actions of these individuals could be done once and shared. 

The idea of a collaborative platform was created. 

At this point, in our young history, we realized that for group management to truly be effective, each and every individual needed to play a role. These roles needed to be flexible and easy.

Our approach to the platform changed, create spaces that allow for the controlled exchange of information between groups and between individuals. Where actions can be done once and the involved parties are kept up to date.



With the realization of the need for collaboration, came the rush of changing our features to promote an exchange of information. Our mission had changed from a simple replacement to an entirely new concept.

Our mission

To create, support and maintain an online platform that promotes collaboration to create a more integrated experience. With the hope that integrating various groups, will reduce time, save money and reward users.

If our goals are reached, cost savings should be pushed down to customers making it more affordable to get involved.