With squadSet we set you up by putting the ball is in your court and making sure you are in control of your team, club or any other association that you may own. “The squad is in your hands” as we would put it.

The announcements feature is designed to allow a squad to communicate to external individuals. To communicate, a squad can create a publication to reach an audience.  
Individuals following the squad, or what we like to call fans, are some of the first to receive the announcements. The fans dashboard is automatically updated to receive the announcements. It is a simple as them clicking the announcements button on their dashboard.  Within the fan’s dashboard, a nice feed is generated for them to easily browse through.

Aside from keeping fans updated, the announcements feature automatically, posts on your public profile. Share everything and anything you want to rather easily. The perks of regularly posting on your public profile cannot be overstated. With any team, members of the squad and the public want to feel as if you are keen on sharing everything squad related with them and they need to feel included in everything. Having the ability to automatically post to your public profile keeps the ball rolling and it makes you seem like an effective team manager.

If the squad elects to have a public profile, an RSS feed is automatically created. RSS stands for Really Simply Syndication or rather, Rich Site Summary. RSS allows you to create feeds that people can subscribe to. Remember the more frequently you update your content the more audience you will have to visit your site. Having an automatically created RSS feed means you don’t have to spend time creating your own feed.

If a squad wishes to remain private, announcements will be posted directly to fans but hidden on their public profile.


Squads can create announcements for others to see!

Fans are automatically sent the announcements via their personalized dashboard.


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