SquadSet is BRAND NEW!! May 31, 2016

  • Thanks for registering!

    SquadSet is a free team and group manager. We are committed to trying to help you and your team stay connected in an effort for greater managerment.
  • Our Goal

  • Our mission is to create an application that allows teammates to effectively manage their time, so that you can focus on the game.
  • SquadSet is user driven

  • SquadSet is driven by users just like you. If you ever want to request a feature, send us a quick email. In the email desribe the feature to us. Our email is request@squadset.com
  • Updates

  • We have several planned updated. Some of the updates include:
    • Coaches Corner - Check for cool drills and advice
    • Referee Box - Check for available referees
    • And more..

Author: Jayme N