Platform Updates


Version 0.40

We have spent the last year completely updating our platform to make it more current and useful. Here are some of our major updates New personal dashboard Get your tasks, payments, and activities in one place View quick information bubble regarding messages, injuries or recruitment requests Personal area Control center to …

Version 0.30

We are happy to announce our latest release! The release has a heavy emphasis on increased league support. The new version includes the following updates: League support Created league invitation cards. Users can print out multi-sized cards on their computer and hand them out to other league members Increased manager …

Version 0.20

We have performed the following updates: Payments and fees Minor bug fixes Roster Minor bug fixes Joined injury pages into the roster Removed injury menu item to create quicker access Added the ability to view player team requests Scheduling Minor bug fixes General bug fixes

Version 0.10

General update to increase productivity and ease of use


Get specific details regarding platform updates and plans for improvement


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