Version 0.2 has been released January 9, 2017

We have updated our Beta version to 0.2.

In version 0.2, we have made several changes, to enhance the user experience. Many of the changes were a direct result of the users that have helped us out with the Beta. 

Some cool updated our new version includes:

  1. Comprehensive listing of request for registration, tasks, and payments
  2. Easier to add facilities to activities 
  3. Add multiple custom contacts to players profiles
  4. Increased player privacy
  5. And lots more

For a full listing of the updates, click here or visit

We are planning on releasing a new version soon. The version will focus on updates to the media library, fans, and polls features.

We wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to help us out with our Beta! We will continue to include more and beta features!