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Explore the features specifically designed for individuals

Squads & Administrators

Explore the features designed for managers, clubs, facilities and many other organizations

Intuitive design

Get up and running quickly!

The dashboard was created to give each player a customized experience to access their data faster and more direct. The dashboard increased speed and consistency by placing players data in one convenient sport. 

Communicate with everyone within your network by sending messages directly to their inbox. 

Players can create, edit and complete their own personal tasks. As well, squads can create and assign tasks for players to complete. All these tasks are displayed neatly on the player's dashboard as well as the respective squad tasks area.

Players have a whole lot more to help them manage their tasks and activities.

Squad & Administrators Features

Enhance workplace and group efficiency

Roster Management

Add players to a squad to create a roster. Once a roster has been completed, organize further with more advanced features

Scheduling & Attendance

Plan activities and events to create a squad schedule. Once the schedule has been created, the squad can track attendance

Fees & Payments

Create and assign fees to players and track the collection of the fee. The fees automatically appear on the player's dashboard for quick payment

Space Management

Manage internal spaces such as rooms, fields or a court. Allow others to book activities at your spaces