The Dashboard is main area for players as it showcases most of their need to know information. 

As the Dashboard is key to squadSet, it will be continually improved to streamline management and your personalize tastes.

The Dashboard is unique to every Player.

The Dashboard is made up of six main areas:

  1. Activities
    1. View you past and coming activities
    2. Record your attendance 
  2. Squads
    1. View the Squads you are a member
  3. Assignments
    1. View all of your tasks and polls
    2. Complete the assignment
  4. Payments
    1. View paid and unpaid fees allocated to you
  5. Fandom
    1. Follow Squads by becoming a fan
    2. View Announcements from squads
  6. Network
    1. Personalized network of Players


A centralized place to view and manage your personal information and get updates.


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More Features

In addition to the six main area, the Dashboard also offers a snapshot of other areas such as recruitment, contacts, and more. 

The Dashboard offers a centralized area not only to view and interact with information but also a way to navigate to more information.