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We are constantly trying to improve our platform but we might have missed something. 

Likely, there are specific features you and your groups need to succeed. We may have not created them or may not even be aware of them.

To make this platform time effective, we want to create the tools you need.

Process summary

Enter the required details into the adjacent form. 

When filling out the form be sure to be specific and detailed. The more information you provide us with, the better the feature will perform to your standards.

Be sure to include, the reason why you need this feature and how it will help you and your group.

Once we have received the form's information, you will receive an email from us.

The email is a simple confirmation that we have received your request.

We will try and create every feature requested. Unfortunately, man-hours and other limitation may prevent us from being able to.

Once the request has been received, we will review the details. We may reach out to you, so be sure to include an up to date email address(or your username ).

After compiling all the information, we will make a decision about your request.

We will contact you with our determination and provide you with reasoning and potentially an estimated time frame.

We will try our best to have a working prototype of the feature as soon as possible. Time matters and we don't want you wasting it waiting for us.

We will run through testing and potentially get your involvement. 

If the feature is up to specifications, we will implement it system-wide.

Based on the nature of the feature, the time periods from start to finish are not similar.

Also, the time to test the new feature can take some time. 

We appreciate your patience!

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