Squad Features


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Roster Management

Add, import and remove individuals to create an overall squad roster. Manage the roster with built-in tools.

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Medial & Document Library

Upload files to create a media library 

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Fees & Payments

Create fees and assign them to squad members. Track the receipt of payment

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Scheduling & Attendance

Create activities to create a squad schedule. Track squad members attendance to these activities

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A Snack & Equipment Schedule. Assign items for squad members to bring to an activity

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Create tasks or polls for squad members to complete. Tasks can be assigned to specific players.

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Publish textual notes about the squad to inform users of any updates or changes. 
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Add an internal map of the location to help other individuals locate spaces

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Reviews (Ratings)

Allow players to review your squad and create a public evaluation for others to see

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Space Management

Add spaces to your squad such as a gym, field or court. Manage these spaces and their bookings

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Working with you

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All groups are not the same, you may want a feature that has not been created yet. 


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  • Improved management support
  • Fundraising
  • Statistics