Ensure everyone comes prepared!

Team members will often need to bring particular items to each activity. These ideas range from shinpads to a trumpet. It is easy for team members to organize and bring their own items to each activity. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to organize equipment and other items on the larger team. Orchestrating multiple members to bring different items can involve some serious time on the phone and/ or sending a bunch of emails. Why spend all this time trying to accomplish something that can easily be managed by a system. 

squadSet allows managers to create a snack and equipment schedule or what we call BringsBrings is an easy way for managers to assign players item to bring on a by activity basis. Brings can include anything and is completely customizable to the team. 

Players that are assigned to the snack schedule, will be prompted within the activity email notification. Additionally, players will be able to see their snack on their team snack page


Assign teammates to bring particular items for each activity


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