Fans July 5, 2016

The Fan feature allows individuals to show their support for their favorite teams by becoming a fan of teams.

Using the Fan feature, team enthusiasts are able to stay in touch with their teams and follow up on team activities. The team, on the other hand, is able to communicate with their fans using team announcements and e-mail notifications.

Fans are:

  • Able to add or remove themselves from the fans list.
  • Updated about team/group activity
  • Also able to opt-in or out of automatically receiving team announcement.
  • Able to provide a quick reason they support the team.

Additionally, teams are able to communicate better to their Fans by:

  • Send announcements directly to their fan base.
  • Get feedback from fans as to why fans like their team/group.
  • Teams looking for more privacy can turn off the feature entirely.

The fans feature redefines the dynamics of the fan-team relationship and in line with the goals of the squadSet, the fans feature builds a stronger fan base as well as helps fans get closer to their teams.