Fees & Payments


Groups are expensive so ensure you are in the black.

Teams and groups cost a lot to maintain, both in time and outlays. Not only are there upfront costs to teams such as league fees or rentals but there are numerous incidental costs. A lot of the costs associated to the team are not tracked and recorded properly. The inaccuracies of tracking costs result in particular people absorbing certain costs on behalf of the team, instead of allocating the cost amongst the team.  

Team managers must ensure that costs are allocated to the proper individuals and that these individuals make the correct payments.  squadSet has created several tools to aid managers in the recognition and tracking of team costs and payments.

Players can easily find their fee and payment information by team or their total. Fee and payment information is visible from the Outstanding Fees and Payments side panel, their dashboard and the team’s payment page.

Managers have the ability to:

  1.  Record a fee and directly apply the fee to the proper team members.
  2. Interest can be added to the fee. Interest can be set up to start at a particular date in the future or on the date of the fee. Players, who pay before the start date, will not be charged additional interest. For late players, interest will accumulate until the full balance is paid. Interest is charged on the total fee and not the amount outstanding.
  3. If the fee is not applicable to a certain player, the manager can remove the fee from the player when creating the fee or at a later date
  4. If a new player joins the team, the team manager can adjust the fees to include the new player or charge them a different amount 
  5. Keep track of the total balances of fees and payments from all players
  6. Charge a different amount to a different player, if the player is bad at paying their share.

Players will only be able to see the fees that directly apply to them (Unless the player is a manager). 


Charges players fees and record the collection of those fees. If you would like to charge interest on the fees you can as well


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