Create or join a unique grouping of Squads to streamline management duties and promote communication.

A League is a simple grouping of Squads. The member squads typically have something in common such  as they are each others opponents(sports league).
Squad Managers can decide to either join or create a League. By doing so, many management duties can be shared among the members. 

There are numerous benefits to becoming a league member such as:

  1. Managers from the league’s squads can add activities and their results.
  2. Auto league standings
  3. League trophies upon completion of season / league
  4. Increase communication between squads
  5. Private and public leagues

Leagues is an important and paramount feature within our platform. As such, we area always improving and expanding. 

For more information, check out our updates



Arrange Squads into a larger group to reduce administration time for activities, results and much more.


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