Media & Document Library


The team media library is a convenient way to store an assortment of files for other team members to share with one another.  The media library is unique to each team and is restricted to team members.

The team media library consist of three parts


    Upload files to squadSet for a quick easy place to store important document. Download these files for use later; wherever and whenever.

    Supported file types: csv, xlsx, xltx, xls, doc, docs, dotx, txt, pptx, ppt, potx, ppsx, 7z, rar, zip, ace, pdf

    Max size 5MB


    Upload image files to squadSet to create an area for team members to share team memories.  Use existing photos and arrange them into photo albums to make managing all your photos nice and easy.

    Supported image types: jpeg,  gif and png

    Max size: 5MB


squadSet does not upload video files like it does for files and photos. Instead, we have chosen to integrate with three of the most popular video hosting services. The videos are maintained separately by these providers.

    The three video services are:

  1. Dailymotion
  2. Vimeo
  3. Youtube




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