Polls April 1, 2017

Get the Answers You Need!

Tired of wasting time corralling your team members? Are you creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet just to figure out which days to set practice sessions? Does the team want new jerseys? What color and sizes?

Get the answers you need with sqadSet’s quick and easy polling feature.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

With squadSet Polling, team managers can check in with team members, save time and energy, and make informed decisions. Try out the polling feature to:

  • Get timely feedback on the best dates and times for practice sessions;

  • Poll team members on what went right (and wrong) in your latest game, match, or meet;

  • Solicit nominations and vote to recognize outstanding players – then use squadSet’s Trophies feature to award the honors; and

  • Organize events such as season openers and awards ceremonies.


Team managers can:

  • Create and edit short polls for team members;

  • Select up to three different question types (true or false, checkbox, and multiple choice);

  • Track which teammates have completed the poll;

  • Send out notifications to team members who have not completed the poll; and

  • View the Poll's results graphically – no need to enter data in a spreadsheet.


Team members can:

  • Easily and quickly provide feedback; and

  • Change their answers as schedules change.

Try the polling feature today to get the answers you need!