Reviews (Ratings)


Reviews are so beneficial is because they firstly allow you to keep control of your entity’s reputation as well as enhance a novel marketing platform.

By opening up the channel that allows external entities to post their reviews, you are automatically enhancing your reputation and opening up the doors to form solid relationships with these entities which may very well serve to be highly beneficial for your squad. 

Squads will be able to respond to individuals insights via reviews and respond accordingly.

Using the review feature, a Squad can:

  1. Read and respond to the review
  2. View details regarding the individual who wrote the review such as
    1. How many reviews they have made
    2. Total upvotes and downvotes for the comment
  3. Apply any improvements based on input
  4. Players will be prompted of your response and can update their review based on your actions


Players create reviews of Squads and Squads have the ability to directly interact with these players.


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