Roster Management


Managers are responsible for organizing their team members.

Creating a roster is one of the fundamental objectives when managing a team on squadSet. The system is designed to help individuals manage their group activities as such team need players to function. By creating a team roster, team managers can unlock the more advanced features on squadSet. These more advanced features help individuals manage their own time better while staying more informed and connected to the team.

Team managers have the ability to:

  1. Add and remove individual players to their teams. This task creates the basic team roster.
  2. Assign different roles to each player. Each player may have a different function within a team such as a coach or a team captain.
  3. For more information on the different roles a player can be, visit the help section
  4. Assign different positions to each player such as forward or defense
  5. Assign player’s jersey numbers
  6. Add, update and remove injury warnings on team players
  7. Determine if the team needs to recruit new players

A team manager should create a team roster immediately after creating the team. After the roster has been created the fun begins.effective effective 


Add, remove and reactivate players to create a team roster. Teams and groups require players to function and as such so do many of the features built in squadSet.


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