Scheduling & Attendance


Scheduling activities is fundamental to management. 

The scheduling feature is the heart of management.  Groups need to organize players, coaches, and equipment to different locations at specific times. This requires a lot of planning and does not allow for much room for error. 

squadSet has designed their scheduling feature to tackle the challenges of group activity planning.  squadSet combats these challenges by using several mechanisms that keep everyone informed at all stages of the scheduling process. 

Some of the mechanisms are:

  • Recording and tracking player attendance
    • Immediately after an activity is created teammates have the ability to record their attendance and inform the entire team if they will be attending.
  • Automatic email notifications
    • Teams can choose to send out automatic email reminders to teammates. The reminders include all relevant information regarding the activity including snacks or items to bring.
  • Mapping and location details
    • View details about the activity locations and map it if desired.
  • Record results to games to determine a team record.




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