Space Management


Many more permanent groups often have areas that they use for booking activities. These areas can be offered to the public or internally.

squadSet has created the spaces feature to allow these groups to manage these areas.

Spaces are assets or areas under the direct control of a group such as a gym, field or room. A Squad can then determine how these Spaces are used.

Using the Spaces feature, a Squad can:

  1. Create a private spaces for only Squad members to use
  2. Create a public spaces, which, allow external Squads to book to them
  3. Manage bookings to these spaces
  4. Set hours of operation individually for each asset
  5. Set the status of the Space
  6. Add media to the Space, to showcase it
  7. Upcoming: Maintenance scheduling


Spaces are internal assets such as fields, rooms, gyms etc that are controlled and maintained by a Squad.


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