What is the difference between private and standard leagues? December 10, 2016

The main difference between a Standard League and  a private league is the association with a Club in a standard league. Associating a league to a Club allows for certain advantages over a Private League.

Some advantages of a Standard League are:
  • Club administrator can create public activities such as games on teams behalf
  • Club administrators can enter results for public activities
  • Club administrators can resolve disputes
  • A customizable public league home page is available
Using a Standard League places a less reliance on the individual teams to manage the league and allows the Club to help out. 

In contrast, a Private League is not associated with a Club. A private league is managed by its member teams as such it does require a little more work.

Some advantages of a Private League are
  • Increased privacy
  • More control of the league
  • No league home page


We recommend using a standard league as it allows for easier management for teams. Additionally, leagues tend to be associated with Clubs so it's a natural connection. The association allows for teams to directly interact with the larger Club.