What happens when my team leaves a league February 3, 2017

If a team decides to leave a league the following will occur

  1. The spot once occupied by the team will be replaced with a placeholder team. 
    1. The placeholder team will be empty and will just be there so remaining league members will not be affected and can continue with day to day management
  2. The team may apply to join a different league
    1. A team can only be part of one league at one time. Once they have made the decision to leave the league, they can join a new one or create one of their own.
  3. The league administrator(s) will be able to see that the team has left
    1. The administrator may contact the team manager and try and negotiate the team to come back but this is the team's decision

Leaving a league is not the best alternative but if it occurs, we have made it easy and painless to do.