What is a team manager November 4, 2016

A team manager is an individual or group of individuals that guide a team. Team managers act on behalf of the rest of the team to perform the regular maintenance tasks of the team. These tasks allow the regular team members to interact seamlessly within our platform and accomplish the goals integral to the success of the team.  

As the manager acts on behalf of the team, there are privileged with greater abilities. Team managers have the following abilities:

  1. Assign other team managers
  2. Edit team specific roster details such as creating a team captain
  3. Adding, removing and editing activities
  4. Creating team task, snack schedule, payment and fee schedule
  5. Send and manage team messages
  6. Create team polls
  7. Update and select team statistics
  8. Manage team fans and send fans notifications
  9. Award team members team trophies
  10. Upload and mange files
  11. Update team information

The team manager has a very big responsibility to the team. As such, the team should select a team manager carefully. 

A team manager cannot delete a team! This is reserved to team owners only.