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How do I change my password?

Did you forget your password?

If you forgot your password, you will have to use the forgot your password form.

To complete the forgot password form, you will need to know the answers to your security questions. Using those answers, complete the form to receive an email containing your new password.

It is a GREAT IDEA to change your password every now and then. The more often you change your password, typically, the safer you are from hackers. 

Please always keep your password safe and difficult enough that it is not an easy guess.

To change your password:

  1. Log onto the platform
  2. Go to your Control Center by clicking your name or the arrow in the top right hand corner and selecting Control Center
  3. Select Security from the menu on the left hand side
  4. Click Password
  5. Enter your current password, new password and confirm the new password
  6. Click save
  7. Done!

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