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How do I register?

The registration process is multi-stepped so it is not the easiest. We have to create a multiple step process to help protect our users.

There are two main ways to register

  1. With the registration code
Players can begin to set up their squads immediately after creating it.  Adding players to their squad is vital as such squad managers may have to add players, who have and have not registered. Players that have registered are automatically added to the team. Players that have not registered are sent an email notification asking them to register.
Within the email invitation, a registration code is provided. 
To register using the registration code, go to You will need the email that the invitation was sent to and the registration code. 
Using the form on the join page, enter in the required details and click Join.
The form will look up the details and fetch your pre-configured personal details. Add any necessary details and submit the form. 
That’s it!
Using the registration code is a much shorter process because most of your personal details have been automatically created by the individual who sent the invitation.
If you are unsure what a registration code is or what it looks like, check this article out.
If you are unable to find the registration code, check out this article
  1. Using the registration form

If you have not been sent a registration invite, you will have to complete the full registration form.

To register, go to

Add in your required information and submit the form. You will automatically be sent an email notification to the email you used to register. The email notification will ask you to confirm your email address. 

Once you have confirmed your email address, you can log in and start using the platform.

Watch out!

If you attempt to register and someone has already started the process (ie. added you to a squad), you will be unable to complete the process using this form. 

Then what?!?!

If someone has added you to a squad, the registration process has aleady begun and you will need the registration code to continue. 

What if i never receieved the email or i cant find the registration code?

Next Someone has already registered with that email

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