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How do I start/stop receiving emails notifications

There are several automated email notification generated by squadSet. Most of the email notifications from squadSet deal with adding players to a squad. These automated emails cannot be adjusted as it lets individuals know about activities regarding their emails.

However, squadSet does generate emails with respect to activities that can be toggled.

1) Activity Notification

The Activity Notification email can be toggled on or off. This setting is set by each user.

For more information, check out How to adjust my preferences

2) Managers Attendance Notification

The Managers Attendance Notification is set by each squad. Therefore, it will affect all players within the squad. However, the notification is only sent to active managers.

To toggle the preference on/off:

  1. Go to the specific squad you would like to change the preference
  2. Within the menu, select Settings > Preferences
  3. Toggle Attendance Notification
  4. Click Save

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