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[Archived] Managers and Coaches Usage Permissions

Managers have increased duties within the team dynamic. As such, squadSet has created a divide between standard players and MCs. This was done to increase the efficiency within the organization of the team.  

Remember that anyone can become a MC as it is just a function of each individual team. An MC on one team may not be an MC on another team.

The below is a brief summary of the additional usage permissions awarded to MCs.

  1. Players
    1. Create a team roster by adding players via emails. MCs can add players by individually adding players via player form. Or MCs can bulk add players via player import functionality.
    2. MCs also have the ability to remove any player other than the team owner. A team owner can only remove themselves from a team by assigning a new owner.
    3. MCs can adjust players roles within the team such as team manager, coach, captain, non –player, and a few other options
    4. MCs can manage injuries to players

  2. Schedules
    1. Activities
      1. Add, remove and change team activities.
    2. Snack Schedule
      1. Assign players to bring snack and/or items to activities
    3. Payments and Fees
      1. Create a fee and payment schedule 
      2. Track players who have and have not paid
      3. Increase fees on a player by player basis
      4. Add interest to payments that have not been made
  3. Tasks
    1. Create and assign tasks on a player by player basis. Ensure your players are up to date and ready to play
  4. Media Library
    1. Files
      1. Upload and share team related files. Other team members can download these files but MCs can manage them
    2. Photos
      1. Similar to files
    3. Videos
      1. Add/remove youtube, dailymotion and vimeo videos to create a video library
  5. Message Center
    1. Emails
      1. Send emails out to team members
      2. Keeps a listing of all emails sent
    2. Discussions
      1. Manage a discussion similar to a messaging service to allow team members to discuss topics directly on the platform
  6. Leagues
    1. Private & Public
      1. Create leagues
      2. Invite other teams to join the private leagues
  7. Statistics
    1. Select particular statistics the team would like to track and record
    2. Record statistics
  8. Fans
    1. Manage fans and remove unwanted ones
    2. Send fans announcements
    3. Management announcements
  9. Polls
    1. Create a team test where simple questions can be answered and analyzed.
    2. Manage these polls
  10. Trophies
    1. Assign/remove or edit a trophy to an outstanding team member

For a more details regarding the abilities of regular team member versus MCs visit the features sections and review each topic

*Remember we are constantly trying to increase the efficiency of squadSet so this list may be out of date at times. If you require assistance with any please contact us using our contact page

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