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Someone has already registered with that email

What should you do?

  • If this is your email:
    • And you have not completed registration
      1. Check your email for an invitation from one of your teams (Ensure to check your junk folder too)
      2. Once you have located the email, open it up and find the registration code
      3. In your browser, go to
      4. Enter you email address and registration code
      5. Complete the form
  • What if you cannot find the email?
    • Ask your team captain to send you the invitation. The new invitation will contain the code
    • If you are unable to contact your team captain or there is an issue, contact us and we will fix it
    • And you have completed registration
      • If you remember your password, just login
      • If you don’t remember your password, just reset your password
        • And you think this email was used in error
          1. Contact us and we fix the problem

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