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What does activating, accepting, or confirming a placeholder squad do?

Placeholder squads are created either to create a textual representation of a squad within a league or a new location. In both cases, the squad is not active and it does not have any active users associated to it.

Placeholder squads cannot operate as its own squad as there are no users; it is simply a representation.

However, as placeholder squads are representation of actual squads, users can claim them and begin it’s operation. When a new placeholder squad is created, an owner will automatically be assigned or set.

If the user is already registered, the new placeholder squad will appear on their dashboard.

If the user is not already registered, an email notification will be sent to inform that the squad has been added. The user can then use the same email address to register and the placeholder squad will ready to approve.

Once the squad has been accepted, the user can now use it as a normal active squad. The squad may have a listing of upcoming and past activities already.

If you deny a placeholder squad, you will be removed as a potential owner and it will continue as a placeholder squad to be used by others.

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