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What if I never received the email invitation and my registration code?


Some email providers are overly cautious when it comes to emails from unknown, new or contain HTML. Instead, of allowing these emails, many providers will simply disallow the email or mark them as spam.

Unfortunately, each email provider is unique and has their own internal processes. We do not have any control over it.

So what can I do?

  1. Check your spam folder
    1. It is common for emails from new sources to be placed in the spam folder. Search through your spam folders for anything related to squadSet.
      1. If you find the email invite, add the email to your safe sender list.
      2. If you cannot find the email, proceed to one of the below suggestions.
  2. Ask a squad manager to send an invite request
    1. A squad manager can send and resend a registration/invite request directly from the roster/player area of the platform.
  3. Ask a squad manager to send you your registration code
    1. The registration code is provided to managers within the roster/players section of the platform. Simply ask a manager to copy the code and send it to you using your preferred method (email, SMS, etc)

Once you have the code, you can go to to complete the registration process.

What if none of these are an option?

  1. The registration code allows the player to bypass some of the registration processes. If the player cannot locate the code or there is some other error. The player will be can use the standard registration form.
 If all else fails, go to and complete the registration form.

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