What If the registration invitation was sent to the wrong email?

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If the email is not yours, notify a squad manager immediately as they may not be aware of the error.

Once the squad manager has the correct email, they can adjust your details. To adjust the details, a squad manager needs to go to the roster section, find the desired player and click Edit Player.

The manager will be directed to a form that contains the players details including their email address. Update the details and click save.

Once the email has been updated to the correct email address, a registration request can be sent to the new email address.

Is the email owned by you?

If the email is owned by you but you would prefer to use a different email address, you can change your email address later.

Complete the registration process using the unwanted email address. Once the registration process has been completed you can update your personal details including your email.

Check here for more information regarding updating your personal details

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