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What is a placeholder squad?

Placeholder squads occurs when another player has created the squad on your behalf such as adding a new squad to a league. Once the new squad has been added, there may be no owner or manager as such it is an empty squad representing an active real squad. This empty squad is what we call a placeholder squad as it is holding a place for an actual squad.   

The leagueadministrators have the ability to keep the squad as a blank squad or assign a squadowner (To learn more about how to assign a squad owner to placeholder squad check #help).  

If a squad owner has been assigned, a notification will be sent out to that person.  That person will have the ability to:

  1. Deny the placeholder squad
  2. The placeholder squad will continue to exist within the league as an empty squad. If the league wants to keep track of records, it will need to record items for the squad.
  3. Replace the placeholder squad with an existingsquad
  4. The placeholder squad is essentially aduplication of an active squad on squadSet. The owner will delete theplaceholder squad and swap their active squad into the league in the positionof the placeholder squad. 
  5. Accept the request. 
  6. The person can either be a new user or anexisting one without a squad. The squad will then become an active squad andcease being a placeholder squad. The person sent the request will become the squadowner and can start using the squad.

Placeholder squads allow squad within the same league to continue their day to day scheduling without the reliance on other users for their interactions. 

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