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What is the default privacy configuration

squadSet aims to bring players together with the necessary parties to ensure effective group management. As a result, personal information is stored and accessed within the system. Without any personal information, it would be very difficult to create and administrate squadSet. Fortunately, we believe that the information must be stored in a safe manner and users should have the ability to control the access to their information. Therefore, we have created a privacy setting scheme to limit access to your personal email address, user preferences, and additional contact detail as a default. This means that external users (such as a player from another team) will have a limited ability to access your personal information automatically. 

Personal information that is stored within the system :

  1. First and last name
  2. Email addresses
  3. User preferences such as theme colors and date formats
  4. Additional contacts details

If there is ever a problem or concern regarding your personal information on squadSet, please contact us immediately. 

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