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What preferences are available and what do they do?

Make the experience yours

There are several preferences or settings available for every player that uses squadSet. The preferences help to tailor our system to you. Our hope is to make make squadSet more enjoyable and easier to use.

  1. Date and time format

Allow players to select different time and date formats

  1. Items per page

Player can choose how many items they want to view on a single page.

  1. Greeting

Players can add their own personal greeting to every page

  1. Currency symbol

Players can determine which currency symbol they prefer to use. The currency symbol does not convert the amounts into that currency. Instead, the currency symbol is just for display purposes.

  1. Temperature units

Players can toggle between their favorite temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

  1. View format

Players can toggle between view a calendar or a list view for scheduled item pages.

  1. Accent and theme colors

Player can choose their preferred colors to make squadSet feel like it really belongs to them.

  1. Privacy settings
    1. Private phone

Players have the ability to show their phone numbers on their profile. By default, the phone number is hidden on players public profile page. However, team members have the ability to view them.

  1. Private Email

Players have the ability to show their email address on their public profile (same as private phone, and age).

  1. Private Age

Players have the ability to show their age on their public profile (same as private phone, and email).

  1. Private Profile

Players have the ability to completely lock down their public profile page. If a user decided to have a private profile, it will override the public phone, email and age making them all private. This is the default setting

  1. Notifications

squadSet will send an email notification to you regarding upcoming activities.

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