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Where can I find the registration code?

The registration code can be found in two locations

  1. Roster / Players Area
  2. Email Invitation

Roster/ Player Area

Squad managers have the ability to review and send information to players that standard players do not. The registration code is information that is only visible to managers. The code is only visible if the player has not completed the registration.
To view the registration code:
  1. Go to the desired squad area 
  2. On the squad menu, click Players followed by Roster
  3. Within the Roster, locate the individual you would like to view the code
  4. Click Registration Pending
  5. Click View Registration Code
  6. A popup window will open containing the registration code

Email Invitation

When a player is added to a squad, an automatic email is generated. The email is the same for players that have and have not registered.

Players that have already registered can ignore the email as the squad will automatically be added to their dashboard. At which time, the player can choose to be a part of the squad or resign.  

If the player has not completed registration, they will need the registration code found within the email. 

Once the code has been located, head to or follow the links indicated within the email, to complete the registration.


For more information regarding registration go to:

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