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Why is my time wrong?

squadSet is reliant on time zones to calculate the proper time in your area. If your timezone has not been set or is wrong your time will display incorrectly.

squadSet uses UTC as the default time for every activity. It is unlikely that your timezone is UTC(0:00+).

To change your timezone, follow the blow steps:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner to the left of your name.
  2. Click Control Center.
  3. Select Edit from the menu on the left hand side.
  4. Select Timezone from the menu on the left. If this does not appear(on mobile), navigate down the page until you see the heading labelled Timezone.
  5. From the drop down box select the appropriate Timezone.

What if your timezone does not appear in the drop down box?

Your timezone is dependent on where you live. Adjust your address and pay special attention to the country. Once you have adjusted your address, check the timezone drop down again.

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